Vivian Diller

Vivian Diller Ph.D.

Dr. Diller works with adults, adolescents and
couples in short and long-term psychotherapy
on the upper east side of Manhattan.

Press kit:
Press Kit Vivian Diller Ph.D.
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I invite you to use this website to learn about my work as a psychologist, therapist, author, speaker, and marketing consultant. You'll find information about my private practice as well as articles, video clips, photos, and podcasts categorized under topics of interest. If you are a potential client and don’t find what you need here, please contact me directly at or at 212-535-5065. If you are from the media, contact my agent Jim Levine at or at 212-853-1733.

Psychotherapy Practice

I am a licensed psychologist in private practice at 180 East 79th Street in N.Y.C. I have 30 years of clinical experience treating men and women with a variety of emotional difficulties. I work with adolescents, as well as adults, in individual and couple counseling. My approach integrates psychodynamic theory with other methods including mindfulness, cognitive and behavior therapies. For some patients, only a few sessions are required for results. For others, therapy may take longer. I always aim to identify goals and potential solutions as early as possible so that a treatment plan is clear. For more information about my practice, read my answers to commonly asked questions in the psychotherapy practice section of this website.

Writing, Media and Consulting

I have spent 20 years writing about self-esteem, body image, and the importance of broadening our culture's definition of beauty. My work focuses on elevating health and well being as a means toward improving self-image. I talk about this topic and other psychological issues in the media, at conventions, to magazine editors, bloggers, marketers and executives at major companies around the world. Speaking in front of large audiences is a natural transition from my years in the public eye as a former professional dancer and Wilhelmina model. My careers as a performer, and now as a psychologist, provide me a unique perspective on consumer needs, inside and out. For more information about my work as a consultant and media expert see my press kit in the consulting/expertise section of my website.

—Vivian Diller, Ph.D.